Our Prep Course is (3) 1 on 1 training sessions to teach you the Fundamentals of our  Strength+Conditioning program. This course is to ensure a safe transition into our group classes and is required if athlete doesn’t have any Strength+Conditioning experience.

Our  semi-private group classes are capped at 6 people to ensure the highest quality of coaching. Classes are always lead by a Certified Level 1 Coach, and the daily workout is new and exciting everyday.

Our CrossFit Kids Program is a great way to teach kids (ages 5-9) about health and fitness, by using fitness games and fun workouts to keep them engaged.

Booty Camp is one of our favorite specialty courses we run throughout the year. This course specifically targets the lower body (Legs & Glutes) and we also throw in some great core work to tighten up the midline.