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Sport Specific & Exercise Nutrition – Precision Nutrition

Nutrition & Health Coach – Integrative Nutrition 

CrossFit Level 1 Trainer

CrossFit Running

     Laura grew up in Spokane, Wa with her mom and younger sister, raised on meats and potatoes very little vegetables, (if she had any say).  She was a dancer from the age of 4, and continued through High School. Then became a dance teacher for students ages 5 to 60 years old at a dance studio, while also choreographing dance routines for competitions for 3 different High School dance teams.  She still didn’t have any love for veggies…or healthy food.  It wasn’t until a move down to sunny California, two kids, a divorce and years of unhealthy eating, that she finally realized the importance of eating unprocessed, whole foods for a healthy mind, body and spirit.  It started 5 years ago when she began running.   Laura picked up a runner’s cookbook that helped her fuel her performance and increase recovery. Then, when her mom was diagnosed with breast cancer, she read and researched all she could about the disease, learning about how some foods contributed to the progression of the disease and how more nutrient dense foods helped to heal it.  Laura had an “aha” moment and never looked back.  

After getting her health coaching certification from The Institute of Integrative Nutrition, she worked 3 years for a Functional Medicine Doctor, helping people reach their health goals, developing skills and tools needed to achieve sustainable results that fit their lifestyle.  At the end of 2017,  she decided to get certified in sports and exercise nutrition from Precision Nutrition. 

On a beautiful, sunny morning, while she was training for the LA Marathon, she ran by Fire and Ice CrossFit West.  It was love at first class!  Now fueled by her passion for both nutrition and CrossFit, she hopes to utilize her education to help others see the benefits of counting macronutrients, and how it plays an integral part for someone who works out and to living a healthy, sustainable lifestyle.  Laura is constantly looking for ways to be a better version of herself and loves sharing her personal experiences and success through coaching others!

Favorite Quote:  “Let food be thy medicine, and thy medicine be food”-Hippocrates  &  “The doctor of future will no longer treat the human frame with drugs, but rather will cure and prevent disease with Nutrition.”-Thomas Edison 

Favorite CF workout: Fran-It has my favorite movement combined with my least favorite. Right now my least favorite movement are pull ups. I have a weak upper body….but everyday I work to change that 🙂

Favorite CF movement: Thrusters because it’s comprised of multiple movements into one, there are multiple benefits and it is a whole body exercise.

Favorite Movie: The Italian Job – it’s a heist film with revenge, a small love story and an awesome car chase scene-it’s probably where I started liking the mini’s, lol

Favorite SuperHero: Black Widow-she’s an athlete, spy and former assassin that went from being a villain to a superhero…(there is a little bad and a lot of good in all of us), AND she is strong, and kicks ass!