CrossFit Level 1 Trainer (CF-L1)

Gymnastics Certificate (2018)

Judges Certificate (2017-2018)

Scaling Certificate (1)

Crossfit Games California Regional 2017 Judge

Jaime was born in Santiago, Chile. Raised between Santiago and New Mexico since he was 10. Born in a competitive sports family his father was a top Tennis player at a young age and Jaime became a junior semi pro Soccer player. Playing sports his whole life. We count Tennis, Racquetball and Golf as his favorite sports. 

He started Crossfit in 2014 as a way to feed his competitive soul and realized he wanted to be forever part of his life. He is a Graduated and Licensed Architect and has a BFA in Acting. Currently working as a Functional Fitness Facility Designer.

Favorite Quote: Every skinny, weak guy has abs. Traps are the true sign of strength. – Paul Carter

Favorite CF workout: Any chipper. 18.3-17.4

Favorite CF Movement: Handstand Walks. I never thought I could do them and now I love them.

Favorite Movie: Never-ending story. Your life is not written. You write your own story. 

Favorite Superhero: Superman. The only superhero that gets to be himself as superhero and cover his TRUE identity to be normal.